Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Time for the Black Swagday Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

I can't believe it's already time for my annual Black Swagday Giveaway--but.... *double checks calendar*....Yep! THE TIME HAS COME!

(*whispers* If anyone can figure out how to pause time, that'd be AWESOME. kthanxbai)

Since this is the time of year where everyone has gifts on their minds--and I personally feel that books are THE BEST gifts anyone can give--I love doing this giveaway to help you guys make your gifts even more special (and btw--gifts for yourself totally count). But it only lasts for a few days so don't miss your chance!

So here's how this works.

If you buy any of my books (Keeper of the Lost Cities, Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Let the Sky Fall, and/or Let the Storm Break*) this weekend--which just so happens to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year, between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday--and fill out the form at the end of this post, I will send you the corresponding swag pack below.

*I'm not including pre-orders of Let the Wind Rise because I'll be doing a separate giveaway for that closer to the book's release

And here's what's up for grabs:

If you buy any of the KEEPER books and fill out the form, I'll send you this*:

- a signed bookplate 
- a signed, limited edition Verdi art print
- a Black Swan sticker
- a 5x7 character art print (featuring the awesome illustrations by Courtney Godbey)

AND, if you buy more than one KEEPER book, I'll throw in extra goodies as well--and if you want an example of what some of those goodies could be, here's a pic:

(Obviously you won't get everything you see in this pic--but you'll get some of it, chosen randomly at mailing. And the more books you buy, the more you'll get)

And if you buy LET THE SKY FALL and fill out the form, I'll send you this*:

- a LTSF signed bookplate
- a LTSF bookmark
- a LTSF sticker
- a Keep Calm and Let the Sky Fall sticker

AND if you buy LET THE STORM BREAK and fill out the form, I'll send you this*:

 - a LTSB signed bookplate
- a LTSB bookmark
- a LTSB sticker 
- a Keep Calm and Let the Storm Break sticker

All of this swag is only available here and hand signed by me!
*And should supplies run out of any particular item, it will be substituted with a comparable piece of swag

Everyone who fills out the form below between today (11/25/15)  and 11:59 pm pacific time on Monday, 11/30/15 WILL get their swag mailed to whatever address they provide. I'll do my best to have them in the mail straight away, so that you get it in time for whatever you're celebrating. No proof of purchase required. If you say you bought it, I believe you. But remember, every time you lie, it makes Keefe, Fitz, and Dex cry.

It also doesn't matter where you buy the book (though supporting your Local Indie Bookstore guarantees you a life of sunshine and happiness) or if you buy a paperback or a hardcover (ebooks and audiobooks count too!). And you're welcome to buy as many books as you want! (Just make sure you fill out the form accordingly so I know to send you the proper amount of swag).

Giveaway is also open internationally!!!

**Please note** This giveaway ONLY applies to books purchased between 11/25/15-11/30/15, and does NOT include books previously purchased. Of course I super-appreciate if you've bought my books before now, but I've also done previous giveaways that you would've had a chance to take part in (sorry if you missed them). So this is only for new purchases, and if you are desperate for the swag, you could always buy a book to give as a gift (what better gift could there be, really?) and keep the swag for yourself--I won't tell! :)

Um... I *think* that covers everything--but if I missed something, of course feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments (but make sure you leave those comments in the post on my website, not on goodreads or any of the other places this blog feeds out to, otherwise I won't see them). 


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I now give you....NEVERSEEN!!!!

I can't believe we've finally reached that time again, guys. NEVERSEEN officially launches into the world today!!!!

*unleashes the confetti cannons*

I know some of you have already gotten your copies at my pre-launch events--and thank you in advance for not posting spoilers in the comments on here if that's the case. But for the rest of you, TODAY IS THE DAY where once again, Sophie's story becomes yours.

I've held onto it for all these months, refusing to answer your spoilerish questions, and now I hand it over to you--all 688 pages! (!!!!)

Launching a book is always such an indescribable process--somehow equal parts exciting and humbling and heartwarming and terrifying. And those emotions only seem to get stronger with each book I add to the series, because I know how deeply invested all of you are in the world and characters of the Lost Cities.

I've done my best to do the story justice, and I truly hope you love the book as much as I do. I hope you laugh and cry and want to throw the book across the room and then hug it and reread again. It has some moments you've been waiting for--and maybe some you were even expecting--and probably several others you never saw coming. But whether you're surprised, or thinking I KNEW IT, I hope you're just as excited by the possibilities as I am.

And yes, I know that because of [redacted for spoilers] you're all going to be EXTRA impatient for book 5--and yes, you DO have to wait another year. I wish there were a way to pour the story out of my head and onto the page. But since I'm stuck wrestling it out the old fashioned way, thank you for your patience.

And thank you for reading. And for buying my book, or requesting it at your library, or posting about it on your social media, or posting reviews on amazon and goodreads and Barnes and Noble,  All of those things are the reason this series keeps on growing. It's also why I dedicated the book to you:

I hope to meet as many of you as I can while I'm on the road. If you're in Seattle, San Jose, Tempe, or Idaho Falls, I'm coming to see you--here's where you can find me (you can also find a full list HERE):

And I still have some awesome giveaways and whatnot in the weeks ahead. (Oh, and if you took part in the pre-order swag giveaway, don't worry, your swag will be in the mail as soon as I'm home from touring!) 

Okay, I think that's enough Shannon-rambling for one day--especially since you guys have a VERY THICK BOOK to read. Keep the tissues handy. And for those having to wait, here's a word cloud with the most commonly used words in the book (once you read, you'll understand why I made it shaped like a tree)

Happy reading!!!